• Running is not a group sport, then why settle for group advice?






    Who is Leanne?

    She is a coach in the cloud, a supercomputer, that learns with every step we take.

    She is being trained by serious marathoners to helps us all perfect our form.



















    How does Leanne help you train?

    She helps you attain your perfect form to keep you running for a long time





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    With a sensor on your shoe she evaluates the way you run

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    She works closely with real orthopedists, coaches & physical therapists to minimize injuries and maximize performance

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    She uses state of the art technology, mathematics & medical science to ramp you up for race day










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    Leanne will help you S-T-R-E-T-C-H and monitor you during your race!

    B-R-E-A-T-H-E | RUN | R-E-L-A-X







    Why does Leanne care about form?

    She recognizes that with good form she is able to help you

    minimize injuries, increase efficiency and speed.










    Pace | Stride Length

    You can lower your impact on your body by taking shorter strides and increasing the number of steps you take per minute. Leanne will help detect and guide you on your journey to perfect form.


    Cadence, ground contact time & flight time all are important elements in your running plan that Leanne has built for your race. She is always looking to improve your time.

    Bodily Shock

    In addition to cadence, it is important for her to monitor your Impact Gs & Braking Gs. Leanne strives to minimize the impact on your body so you can run for life.


    Are you a heel, midfoot or forefoot striker? Leanne gradually transitions us to the right form aiming to minimize our chances of getting hurt by trying to do this complex maneuver our self.

  • Looking to perfect your running form?

    Let Leanne help you find your perfect running form for race day...

  • Where Is Leanne Now?

    Leanne is training in the

    US, UK, Asia & Australia as we speak

  • While you wait for Leanne

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  • Breathe. Stretch. Repeat. Run.

















  • RUN

    First you feel like dying,

    then you feel reborn.

  • Run. Stretch. Breathe. Repeat.
























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